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Happy Easter all my friends may you all have a good one with the ones you love and be safe in your travels and have a good weekend love you all!!!


                                  =^.^= hop hop hehe

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Valantine from hazzard Valantine from hazzard

my valentine from hazzard!

got mine today hope hoofbombs likes the one i made n sent!


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 i just got back from the 24 hour vet er  with my lil 1 year olf ferret i scaped up ever dollar i had n borrowed money from my mom but was not enought for the costs they wanted i spent 360.00 there n decided to chance n bring her home her sugar levels n body temp r very low n shes still barely responsive im doing what i can to get sugar water in her n keep her warm shes fighting but it seems to be a loosing battle i couldnt get the money for the tests to see but they think maybe a parasite what scares me beside loosing my lil girl is that her sis may be affected too so not only do i need to worry on her making it but also if her sis will become sick or worse loose her too so as i type she is laying on my belly as i pet n try to revive her n pray that my baby makes it through the night the site of her lil white body unresponsive is just killing me here i pray for a mericale so i ask all my friends to say a prayer for Mystique ty all!!!!!

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well i went in at 6am on thursday for surgery they operated at 8 for a 1 hour 25 min surgery well i got back to recovery at 12 20 had complications not continuing breathing was in recoveery till 6 pm before they put me in a room overnight n on cpap again pain is unbearable they released me friday at 4pm new cpap n medded up but hard to move in soo much pain hard to movebut im home and starting 6 weeks recovery well off to rest ttyall later!!!

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yay today is my 31st bday so Happy Birthday to me!!!! Now bring on the alcohol!!!

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                                                                                                   Happy Holidays
                     From RebelWolf n Family and
         Down On All Four's Automotive Services

                              May your holidays be safe and full of joy and lots of love!! have fun everyone


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well its 5:20 am lol on day 3 of tearing down and re installing a new trans and the fun just dont stop the new trans came and needed all new seals n been finding alot of damage from when the tibby had been off road before n the did body work n repainted the front but alot is ent n mangled underneath and its just a fun car to work with sighs im replacing more stuff as i tear in but its all n/c to stealth i figure its a get well n bday present as long as it doesn't go too far over lol but what can u do u quote a price u stick to ur word at least a real mechanic does well back to work its windy and snowing n cold as hell lol but it needs to be done well talk to you all soon im warmed up n ready to work again lol

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 that was the best con i have been to yet i didn't want it to end last minute decision to go thanks to a special fox chipping in and both liking to run on the spur of the moment left for av 8pm friday n rolled in to the zoo at 430 am n there were still furs up n about it rocked so many cool ppl and suits were incredible and i got to meet my suits creator too she is sooo cool and her vicious was incredible was glad to meet so many new ppl and was suprised at how many ppl knew me n called out my name it was a great feeling to be anknowleged and a greater feeling to be a part of a special family with is furrys i love you all and cherris my tail i spend with everyone never a dissapointing moment i can't wait to debeut my full suit at fau this year was so happy tho to debuet my partial at my first AC it will be one i never forget! Thank you for all the furs i know n have met and to any furs i havn't met hit me up love to meet new friends!!

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after driving home Monday i went to pass a guy turning who turned over the double yellow line and when we were side by side he decided he didn't want to turn n forced me to brush a pole here's the result's

It took out the door fender hood bumper header panel mirror headlight turn signal light n marker light  took all day n night Tuesday and $1000.00 my last 2 paychecks heres the result b4 clear coat and pin striping

after all that i return to work after takingTuesday off just to be laid off I sooooo love my life lol

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here's my latest creation out of boredom but came out so cute n looks just like my suit he was shipped from Alaska to me n i did his ear piercing and blonde hair his name is Kobuk hope everyone likes him here he is



tell me what u think?

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